A Nice Day

It is a very interesting day for me. Meeting some different people from different places, talking to each other, learning about their lives, cultures and so on…

Actually, it really is an occasional chance to join this program. One day I was going to the canteen for dinner, I saw so many foreign guys sitting there and taking their food. I was wondering why there were so many people here, and there was a board that written a Chicago university. So I guessed that was the place they came from.

I mean “wow, this is huge.” You know we just are a normal college, why those guys come here. So this aroused my interest, and I want to know those people, asked them questions, talked to them, make friends with them. After they left the campus, I asked the teacher the information about them, Ms. Cen, by the way, is a great teacher, told lots of about that. And I asked her if I could join this group for a volunteer, she said once she got a vacancy, she would tell me that I could join. For me, at last, it is a great chance to meet Ms. Cen, so I have nothing to lose, right?

Before today, Ms. Cen sent me a message, asked me if I got time for tomorrow, I definitely said yes. So here I am.

This morning I woke up early, took a shower, and went out. When I arrived at the meeting house, there was no one in the room, I was confused that I am choosing the wrong place. So I texted Ms. Cen, and she told me that is the place.

After the guys from northwestern arrived, Ms. Cen introduced our university to them, just the history of the college of chemical engineering, and our campus, the three bridges in this little campus, which were the Blue bridge, Dongxin bridge and the last one I forgot the name.

Then Ms. Cen suggested that we should played a simple game to know each other. In the beginning, I think it was not hard to play. But when the game began, I found that it was so hard to remember the information that you heard. Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce the rules. It is a game that you will remember the information that your competitors tell you as many as you can, and you will talk to every people in the other group. After you talk to everyone, it is time to write down all the information that you and your prater have got. When two teams finished, one team will speak out what they have got, and the other will be the judge and mark down what they are right and wrong, right for 10, and wrong for -10.

So it is really tons of information coming to you in a very short time, I felt my brain was shutting down at that time. In the game, I only asked some very simple questions about themselves, such as major favorite color, age, and something like that. I only asked several people their names, cause I think it is hard to remember a foreign people’s name in such a short name. Turns out that was a bad idea, not the decision that don’t ask name, but I found that I could remember the information that they told me, but I don’t know who the information belongs to. So in this game, I didn’t help a lot. But finally we won the game, and each one of my praters got a little gift for it. That glory should belong to Amy. She is a beautiful girl with strong power, I think that is the leadership.

After the first game, Ms. Cen told us that we used the old paper to make some clothes, and chose one or two people wearing it and made some catwalk. And I think it is not hard to do in the first, but I found that I have no idea what should do. So I just helped other people using the scissor to shear the tape. Actually, two groups did a great job, and they all made clear their point of views. The meaning of our group is that two people represented China in the past and in the present. And the other group made one person a cowboy, which you could see from the jeans they made, and the other one as a Chinese little girl. After the exhibition, two groups should make a clear presentation about the meaning of their clothes.

the cowboy, I like the jeans

I found one thing in this game, or maybe it’s not a game. I found that I couldn’t understand the music they were listening. I mean I am a person that like music, but I even don’t know what kind of music they were listening. Kind of Rap? I don’t know. I think this is a difficult barrier to overcome to integrate into their culture.

When this finished, Ms. Cen divided us into three groups, she let us talk about whatever we want. Actually, we talked lots of things, including the cost of the dormitory in our university, the culture of the gun, changing our major, and something more.

Before we went to the canteen, Ms. Cen took them to visit the picture of the activity that our league made. And at this time, I asked Ginny how she learn Chinese. She said that her father is Chinese living in Guangzhou, and she was born in Shenzhen, living in Hong Kong, and she finished her high school in the British International School, and now she is working on her undergraduate education. And I asked what her major is, turns out that is one I have never heard about it. It is called Environmental Economics. She said this is a new one, and she wanted to do something in this field. And she also interested in the political between China and the US. I asked why, she said that these two countries had the power to do more things in protecting the environment, so it is very important to know about this. For myself, I never thought about it before, and I also saw something between me and Ginny, things that I never pass through. When we went to the canteen, we talked a lot of things about her. Her family and her Chinese, she said she liked to read Lu Xun, and her language level is just about the first or second year in junior high school.

In the canteen, I was sitting with Amy and her four friends. We had a good time to talk to each other. They asked me a lot. I told them that I like watching America TV series. They asked what I watched, I said such as <Game of Thrones>, <Friends>, <The Big Bang Theory>, <Shameless>, <Yellowstone> and others. They said it was amazing, and when they in Beijing, there was a coffee shop from <Friends>, I said is it the Central Perk? I don’t know how to describe their expressions in their faces, but I can absolutely sure they think it is kind of unbelievable. And asked where I watched those things, I said just in the Netflix, of course, they asked how, and t told them I use VPN for that. And Amy asked me which VPN I am using, I said I built one. Her friends said so you can do it for money. I told them that is totally illegal here. And Amy said that in the US, we called those people what, but I couldn’t remember that word. That is a shame. And we also talked about one thing that I can’t write about here.

And today I also got a little gift from Northwestern University, but I think maybe it was made in China. Lol… anyway this is a great day for me.

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